Monday, April 18, 2011

extra credit-Two Views of Design

Education vs. Natural Talent
Does an Education really matter in interior design?

Education in interior design weighs pretty heavily in the grand scheme of things. An education opens your eyes and your brain to a completely different world. You get exposure to people from all walks of life and professors/educators with experience you can only get at a university. The projects and assignments you are given will burst open creativity outlets you didn't know existed or would have never used otherwise. Interacting with other people of similar interests will broaden your design ideas and give you an open mind to other avenues. BUT does that mean that you cannot be a successful interior designer without an education? Unfortunately some people are going to only hire those with an education because it serves as a credential. You could present your client with an immaculate plan, but he may choose to go with someone else simply because of a degree. If we look at design as a whole though does the degree really matter if the person is just as talented possibly better than someone WITH a degree? I would say no it shouldn't matter. The degree doesn't define the person's ability and ingenuity; it just communicates that you can finish something. The designer's experience and life skills definitely shape what they bring to their profession. Whether they have an education or are a design star life experiences shape that person to who they are today, how they view situations, and their design style. The media definitely plays a huge role in marketing interior design. Media creates automatic credibility. When someone has seen that you have been recognized by media or other famous people, it immediately boosts that person's quality points. This doesn't mean those who haven't been recognized by media are not good, it just means that it definitely doesn't hurt them either.
Honestly, education to me in interior design doesn't matter because if you have the talent then you have it. An education DOES help but it also is really important to be confident in yourself and know that you are good at what you or not. The degree doesn't make make you!

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