Monday, April 25, 2011

BP 14-My inspirations

It's crazy how inanimate objects, places, buildings, and spaces can influence us in so many aspects of our lives and decisions. The memories we hold dear from childhood to present day most likely revolve around one of these inanimate things. As a result, our design approach and personality are revealed through these events/life changing moments.

My favorite space to draw inspiration from is the Barnes and Noble cafe. I myself don't really understand why I feel so at peace when I go here. I could go to the cafe and feel comp
letely uninspired, but then after sitting there for awhile and maybe a little too much people watching I suddenly know what to write about. It's silly, but when I am there I feel like I'm among the most elite. I can literally sit there for hours and in a completely different world.

The place that inspires me most is Chicago. Since I use to live there, I am probably part bias to how amazing of a city it truly is. In the midst of the bustle of Chicago, I feel peace and wonder. When you are in the middle of that city, it's like the world is at my fingertips. I can accomplish, dream, and be anything I want. Chicago, to me, is a beacon of light of things to come. Picture taken by me: the city at night..complete with wind and snow during Christmas of 2008.

An object that inspires me would be my ipod. Music is such a big part of my life that it instantly changes my mood and mind. A song could come on and the stress in my life doesn't seem so big anymore. Or a song could take me back years from the present moment to a memory or event that occurred. This little instrument has the capabilities to make me think differently and that is inspirational in itself.

The building that gives me the most inspiration of all things in life is my home church here in Greensboro, Cornerstone Baptist Church. The building itself is not the source of where inspiration is stemmed, but it houses it. All the answers and questions to life are revealed to me here through the words of our pastor. He is an instrument being used by God. I don't feel anymore complete than when I am at church worshiping God. He is the reason I live, breathe, and accomplish anything in my life; therefore my inspiration is at its fullest when I am here.

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