Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I used to dream about the life I'm living now

Last Friday I was given the July issue of Charleston, which happens to be the first issue I worked on, putting my name at the forefront of the magazine. Squealing with joy and excitement, I immediately took a picture and sent it to my friends and family. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing your name on something hundreds of people will come into contact with. Whether people really look at the names of each person who contributes to Charleston I honestly don't care, but the mere fact that my lowly name is there is amazing in itself.

I can't believe I've been here for almost 2 months already. Time flies when you are working all the time and investing every bit of energy into different projects. I feel like I am learning and growing multitudes at my internship though. My boss asked me the other day what my anticipations were going into this job. I can honestly say I didn't foresee half of the things that I do on a regular basis. It's funny how your expectations about people and situations drastically change once you are exposed to them. Our perceptions are always so off, yet sometimes they are right on (which is rare) Until you really get to know someone or have a certain experience, your eyes are pretty clouded. Just one thing I am learning recently.

Last week, I got to record my boss's interview with bridal designer Heidi Elnora (project runway contestant season 2). Maddison Row, bridal boutique in Charleston, will begin to carry her line so she came in to help host their trunk show and promote her line. While Ayoka interviewed her, I got the opportunity to film their interview and listen to her story. Heidi is probably one of the most down to earth individuals that I have met in this industry. Her story is no different than anyone else's. Just a simple southern girl with a dream and she made it happen. The thing I loved most about listening to her: she has stayed true to her roots and remains the same person she was before she became famous. I even got to record each of her spring 2o11 bridal gowns in detail as she explained each design, print, and inspiration source. Just another check in my once in a lifetime opportunity boxes.

Film Meets Fashion: This event was made up of 6 hosts, 6 independent film showings, and 6 fashion shows. Created to benefit Charleston's Make-A-Wish Foundation, this social gathering was nothing short of creativity and ingenuity. The 6 films were created by directors here in
Charleston with local actors, screenwriters, and costume designers. My boss's son was actually in one as well. Each segment began with a host, followed by a film and a fashion show..6 times. Fashion shows were given by local retailers/designers. Of course I thoroughly enjoyed these, but mostly for the music/fashion videos they played on the screen while the models walked out. The music was perfect for each line featured and the scenes picked for each movie correlated with the theme of the collection. Greatest thing about this event: ticket: FREE..thank you Charleston magazine. Picture: Andy Warhol Howdy Doody being auctioned off at Film Meets Fashion

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thoughts of the day...

Every Wednesday for the month of June, I will and have been attending Martin's church cookouts after their VBS. Although I don't go to this church, nor really know anyone there, I go to support Martin and Elaine (Martin's friend and my now older friend/mother). Anyway, since going the past 2 weeks I get to interact with all the older people at his congregation. I always go away from there with a light heart and a smile across my face. Here are my thoughts...

Everyone knows the stereotype given to older people: crabby, rude, selfish, old, fill in the blank. BUT every once in a while you meet some that just change your life for that moment that you are talking with them. There are those that greet you with gentle hugs or soft touches by their aged, but comforting hands, those who talk about their spouse like they are seeing them for the first time (older people kisses are the sweetest), those who talk to you about their hardships as a stepping stone in their life, those who think everything you do and say is the greatest thing in the world, those who make you laugh at their sarcastic, shameless humor (they are elderly they can get away with it;), and those who just find it necessary to cuss about EVERYTHING. I am proud to admit I LOVE talking with them. You can learn so much from those wiser than you.

Tonight I was told that love is like a butterfly. If you chase it, you won't catch it. BUT if you wait on it, love will find you unexpectedly and land on your shoulder. Of course, she didn't pen this quote, she kind of borrowed from numerous ones. Not that I'm looking for love, but this was just reassurance that everything in life normally happens when you least expect it. It's how you handle these hurdles that come your way. That's why I love talking with this group of people. The ones living their life like they are still young are just shining examples of using your life to share with others and remaining true to yourself no matter your age. Being older doesn't mean you lose yourself, you just become the leader instead of the follower.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fifth week in Charleston...and $14.00 poorer

It's been awhile since I have posted. Been so busy! Three weeks ago I started a job at the Piggly Wiggly down here, or to be locally correct THE PIG. I work there on my days off from Charleston Magazine. It's a nice change of pace, and it helps me keep my head on straight. Although my internship is a glimpse of what I will be doing in the next year after graduation, it is good to be reminded of real life and hard work.

I am slowly but surely meeting people. Moving to a new place and not really knowing anyone your own age makes you miss home that much more. This is just one step in growing up I realize, but it definitely does not make it any easier. I reflect a lot these days, and I understand the importance of having a strong support system. I am so thankful that I have one, and that I can feel their love no matter where I am.

My job at Charleston is teaching me SO much nonetheless. I can't believe how much I DON'T know. Not to be conceited, but I just didn't think my knowledge was so limited. My job consists of doing A LOT of research of up and coming trends. Through this research, I am getting to know about the "history" of the trend and how to wear each style. My personal style is definitely improving as well as I learn about all these fads. What's really cool is to see a magazine on the newsstands and already know half of the features/articles in it. The phrase "knowledge is power" comes to mind....The first issue that I worked on will be on the newsstands in Charleston and online the first week of July. Will post link ASAP!

The city streets are extremely narrow here. Thanks to city parking my first $14.00 parking ticket last week...meter EXPIRED! I was like ten minutes late..but they don't mess around down here with meters. I walk EVERYWHERE and it is so hot here! Lessons learned: quarters are an essential and don't fill meters after's free.

The highlight of the week would probably be doing Street Styling on King and Market St. This is where we stop stylish people in Charleston to ask them what they are wearing head to toe, where they are going, what they are feeling, and how they describe their personal style. Although this can be rather awkward at first, once people get past you stopping them on the street they warm up to you and are ready to just boast what they are wearing. It is so crazy how complementing an individual on their personal style makes them so happy. Everyone I stopped was so flattered and "you made my day" came from them. Even though they won't all be featured in the magazine...they are just happy they were stopped. This is what it is all about...making people's days one moment better!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hyde Park Polo Match

Charleston Spring Social Event
presented by Charleston Magazine

As interns, our job at this event was to interview guests using our flip cam about their outfits head to toe. It's amazing how just talking to people about their clothing can lead to so many other conversations. I got to interact with owners of local retailers in Charleston and the socialites of the city. The writers and editors of Charleston Magazine are great people as well. They are all so sweet to us interns. One particular woman made my experience so very special. She was sitting on the stage that the band was performing on, and I commented on her unique dress. It was patches of fabric and resembled a quilt, but not in a frumpy way. We began talking and she instantly invited me to her and her husband's house in West Ashley. She was so warm and intrigued by my job at the Magazine. She told me she wishes she had gone into Interior Design instead of her chose career path. Talking with her made me realize, I am where I am supposed to be. I have been given an incredible opportunity, and I'm ALL IN. Although I did not get her address, her last name, nor will I probably see her again, it's meeting people like this who change your life for just that moment of time. Everything seemed where it should be at that point. I only hope to see Barbara again, but if not I will take my meeting with her as just another note in my musically filled summer.....

The first annual spring polo match hosted by none other than the Charleston Magazine launched with flying colors on Sunday, May 15. The day could not have been more perfect for the inception of this premiere social event. The sun was hot, but underneath the shade of the tents coolness and shelter resided. The atmosphere could not set a more enjoyable aura...children eating popsicles from the local vendors, dogs running around, and conversations and smiles galore. A local country band serenaded the event entertaining guests as they anticipated the start of the match. Men and women were adorned in sun hats of all fashions, sundresses, and seersucker. Dressed to impressed (and for comfort), most of our attendees promoted local boutiques and retailers right here in Charleston. Eager to share where they purchased their garments, our street style choices boasted of their findings. The tents for each sponsor and contributor were not dressed any less either. We can only expect next year’s 2nd Annual Spring Polo Match to be a notch greater as this new tradition moves into the social event of the season not to be missed in Charleston.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Studio Charleston opening

On Thursday I attended the ribbon cutting of Studio Charleston. Charleston produces many movies in the Southeast belt, but many get rejected because there is no official production facility to make the movies. Now, Charleston has a real place to produce movies thanks to Studio Manager Harald Galinski. He worked on Dear John in 2008 along with many others that I met on Thursday. Hopefully this facility will bring in jobs for locals, business for hotels/restaurants, notoriety for Charleston and other Southern cities with the end result in more movie productions down here.
The feeling was very surreal, because although most of these producers are not in Hollywood, they are getting there and have already worked on some successful projects which . It was amazing to be a part of something that will most likely grow exponentially in the upcoming years. It's the feeling of knowing someone or some place before it becomes famous. I'm a part of history, something that could change lives! Thanks to Martin for inviting me. (He's an emergency medic for movies and worked on Dear John and Leatherheads to name a few)