Wednesday, March 24, 2010

kate moss and sunset

The sunset displays the multiple colors that are created-one being pink. The pink in this suit is similar to the reflections of the water and sky.

tab and cancer ad

Tab, the energy, low calorie drink, is displayed here to compare its color to that on the dress of this model. Tab was marketed specifically toward women, hence the pink color.

shoes and roses

Taken by a professional photographer, this photo displays a bouquet of roses and sequined heels for a wedding. Simple, yet so elegant.

dress and luggage

Pink luggage lays to the left of the model closely resembling her dress.

ring and cake

This pink cake is paired with a pink diamond, which is quite perfect since both relate to your wedding day.

chair and shoe

Pink velvet chair accompanied with a pink shoe

fish and runway

Pink tetra fish and pink fur coat