Monday, April 11, 2011

BP 12-"Good Design for All"

William Morris conceptualized the idea of having "good design for all". The vagueness of this statement leaves the door open for it to be applied to anything and everything. I believe he meant that design of any building, space, place, or object has accomplished its purpose IF and only IF it can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone from all walks of life.

One object in particular that I believe represents the essence of this statement would be the design and invention of the telephone. This is definitely one of the most ingenious and useful objects ever created in my opinion. It is crazy to think that a simple device with no cords/strings attached alllows us as humans to communicate in such a simple way within seconds. The phone connects people that are millions of miles away. Not only does it call people, but now it has over 50+ options to perform other tasks. When you are separated from someone, a phone call can immediately change your mood. The telephone allows every emotion you have to be touched. No matter what part of the world one is from, they will use the phone as a part of their everyday life. It is very hard to imagine what life would be like without this connection. For me personally, I am on my phone constantly because it is the only way to know how my family and friends are doing. Of course you can adapt to not having the extras in life, but it would be very difficult. It would actually pain me if I didn't have a phone to call people I don't see on a regular basis.
When I see someone calling that I love, I get so excited. How many times a day do we wait for our phone to ring or to receive a text? All because of this invention/ has us connected but it also makes us crazy because we are on it so much! When Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone, he wanted to connect the world around us. He accomplished that, and he designed for all in mind. Everyone can appreciate the telephone, and everyone can use it in good times or bad times.

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