Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thoughts of the day...

Every Wednesday for the month of June, I will and have been attending Martin's church cookouts after their VBS. Although I don't go to this church, nor really know anyone there, I go to support Martin and Elaine (Martin's friend and my now older friend/mother). Anyway, since going the past 2 weeks I get to interact with all the older people at his congregation. I always go away from there with a light heart and a smile across my face. Here are my thoughts...

Everyone knows the stereotype given to older people: crabby, rude, selfish, old, fill in the blank. BUT every once in a while you meet some that just change your life for that moment that you are talking with them. There are those that greet you with gentle hugs or soft touches by their aged, but comforting hands, those who talk about their spouse like they are seeing them for the first time (older people kisses are the sweetest), those who talk to you about their hardships as a stepping stone in their life, those who think everything you do and say is the greatest thing in the world, those who make you laugh at their sarcastic, shameless humor (they are elderly they can get away with it;), and those who just find it necessary to cuss about EVERYTHING. I am proud to admit I LOVE talking with them. You can learn so much from those wiser than you.

Tonight I was told that love is like a butterfly. If you chase it, you won't catch it. BUT if you wait on it, love will find you unexpectedly and land on your shoulder. Of course, she didn't pen this quote, she kind of borrowed from numerous ones. Not that I'm looking for love, but this was just reassurance that everything in life normally happens when you least expect it. It's how you handle these hurdles that come your way. That's why I love talking with this group of people. The ones living their life like they are still young are just shining examples of using your life to share with others and remaining true to yourself no matter your age. Being older doesn't mean you lose yourself, you just become the leader instead of the follower.

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