Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fifth week in Charleston...and $14.00 poorer

It's been awhile since I have posted. Been so busy! Three weeks ago I started a job at the Piggly Wiggly down here, or to be locally correct THE PIG. I work there on my days off from Charleston Magazine. It's a nice change of pace, and it helps me keep my head on straight. Although my internship is a glimpse of what I will be doing in the next year after graduation, it is good to be reminded of real life and hard work.

I am slowly but surely meeting people. Moving to a new place and not really knowing anyone your own age makes you miss home that much more. This is just one step in growing up I realize, but it definitely does not make it any easier. I reflect a lot these days, and I understand the importance of having a strong support system. I am so thankful that I have one, and that I can feel their love no matter where I am.

My job at Charleston is teaching me SO much nonetheless. I can't believe how much I DON'T know. Not to be conceited, but I just didn't think my knowledge was so limited. My job consists of doing A LOT of research of up and coming trends. Through this research, I am getting to know about the "history" of the trend and how to wear each style. My personal style is definitely improving as well as I learn about all these fads. What's really cool is to see a magazine on the newsstands and already know half of the features/articles in it. The phrase "knowledge is power" comes to mind....The first issue that I worked on will be on the newsstands in Charleston and online the first week of July. Will post link ASAP!

The city streets are extremely narrow here. Thanks to city parking my first $14.00 parking ticket last week...meter EXPIRED! I was like ten minutes late..but they don't mess around down here with meters. I walk EVERYWHERE and it is so hot here! Lessons learned: quarters are an essential and don't fill meters after's free.

The highlight of the week would probably be doing Street Styling on King and Market St. This is where we stop stylish people in Charleston to ask them what they are wearing head to toe, where they are going, what they are feeling, and how they describe their personal style. Although this can be rather awkward at first, once people get past you stopping them on the street they warm up to you and are ready to just boast what they are wearing. It is so crazy how complementing an individual on their personal style makes them so happy. Everyone I stopped was so flattered and "you made my day" came from them. Even though they won't all be featured in the magazine...they are just happy they were stopped. This is what it is all about...making people's days one moment better!

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