Saturday, May 14, 2011

Studio Charleston opening

On Thursday I attended the ribbon cutting of Studio Charleston. Charleston produces many movies in the Southeast belt, but many get rejected because there is no official production facility to make the movies. Now, Charleston has a real place to produce movies thanks to Studio Manager Harald Galinski. He worked on Dear John in 2008 along with many others that I met on Thursday. Hopefully this facility will bring in jobs for locals, business for hotels/restaurants, notoriety for Charleston and other Southern cities with the end result in more movie productions down here.
The feeling was very surreal, because although most of these producers are not in Hollywood, they are getting there and have already worked on some successful projects which . It was amazing to be a part of something that will most likely grow exponentially in the upcoming years. It's the feeling of knowing someone or some place before it becomes famous. I'm a part of history, something that could change lives! Thanks to Martin for inviting me. (He's an emergency medic for movies and worked on Dear John and Leatherheads to name a few)

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