Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hyde Park Polo Match

Charleston Spring Social Event
presented by Charleston Magazine

As interns, our job at this event was to interview guests using our flip cam about their outfits head to toe. It's amazing how just talking to people about their clothing can lead to so many other conversations. I got to interact with owners of local retailers in Charleston and the socialites of the city. The writers and editors of Charleston Magazine are great people as well. They are all so sweet to us interns. One particular woman made my experience so very special. She was sitting on the stage that the band was performing on, and I commented on her unique dress. It was patches of fabric and resembled a quilt, but not in a frumpy way. We began talking and she instantly invited me to her and her husband's house in West Ashley. She was so warm and intrigued by my job at the Magazine. She told me she wishes she had gone into Interior Design instead of her chose career path. Talking with her made me realize, I am where I am supposed to be. I have been given an incredible opportunity, and I'm ALL IN. Although I did not get her address, her last name, nor will I probably see her again, it's meeting people like this who change your life for just that moment of time. Everything seemed where it should be at that point. I only hope to see Barbara again, but if not I will take my meeting with her as just another note in my musically filled summer.....

The first annual spring polo match hosted by none other than the Charleston Magazine launched with flying colors on Sunday, May 15. The day could not have been more perfect for the inception of this premiere social event. The sun was hot, but underneath the shade of the tents coolness and shelter resided. The atmosphere could not set a more enjoyable aura...children eating popsicles from the local vendors, dogs running around, and conversations and smiles galore. A local country band serenaded the event entertaining guests as they anticipated the start of the match. Men and women were adorned in sun hats of all fashions, sundresses, and seersucker. Dressed to impressed (and for comfort), most of our attendees promoted local boutiques and retailers right here in Charleston. Eager to share where they purchased their garments, our street style choices boasted of their findings. The tents for each sponsor and contributor were not dressed any less either. We can only expect next year’s 2nd Annual Spring Polo Match to be a notch greater as this new tradition moves into the social event of the season not to be missed in Charleston.

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