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RR 8-Ceilings- the physical limits of a building yet the openings of the structure

Ceilings-the physical limits of a building yet the openings of the structure
Roth: 404-406; Ching: 538-542

*Roth says: "Reason has been overpowered by mystical experience". When art captures the viewer it encompasses all aspects of the appreciator and takes them into a new experience. Reasoning goes out the window, and you are brought into a new realm. For that split second, you are somewhere else with a different perspective. Ceilings are just one aspect of architecture, but they have the power to as the quote says overpower your reason.

Padre Andrea Pozzo painted the vaults in the Church of San Ignazio in Rome. This artist completely took away any evidence of curvatures in the ceiling. The viewer's eyes are captured by th
e story-telling picture of clouds, angelic figures, and the inviting sky. The painting erases any barriers or columns built into the church. These wall to ceiling paintings were the predecessor to ceilings being one of the main focal points in architecture.

>>Featured to the left is Pozzo's fresco vault in Rome showcasing his immense detail a
nd ability to erase barriers on a ceiling and invite the viewer into a "whole new world".

San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane has a ceiling that captures this concept as well. It features crosses and ovals circling an inner oculus. The columns draw the eye to the ceiling into what almost seems like an oasis. The sunlight radiates the pattern that is so well constructed. Featured to the right is Borromini's San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane. You can see the columns leading up to the oval ceiling design. The crosses and ovals in the design cr
eate a liquid movement for the viewer.

Architect, Guarino Guarini designed an impeccable ceiling in San Lorenzo located in Turin, Italy. Composed of piers, diagonal arches, and circular windows, San Lorenzo commands attention upwards. The arches create a pushing effect, as if they are holding the octagon oculus in place. The base of the circle creates what looks like a balcony even though there isn't one.


These are just a few artists that took their art to even the utmost level of the structure. The ceiling serves 2 purposes: to keep out the rain and bring in the sun. I think it is amazing to see ceilings like this. Architecture is just not made like this anymore. During this time, every aspect of the churches had a story to tell. Even necessary parts of a building can be the most striking.

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