Monday, March 28, 2011

BP 10-The Camera

Cameras...the inanimate object that communicates the words and feelings we cannot express

A revolution, as discussed in class, incorporates reform, revival, and a cycle. Cameras have revolutionized in design and features since its inception in the early 1800s. The camera was an on-going invention that took many years to master, but the first photo was taken in 1814. The very first camera was a large box with a hole in the middle to capture the image, and it was constructed from wood! After taking the image, it was incapable of saving the picture so it was rather useless. The image to the left showcases the very first rendition of the invention we use on a daily basis. This invention was the predecessor of technologies to come.

Later in the 1900s, a new design approached the camera industry. The folding montauk was a camera that could be folded up in
to a suitcase. Its lenses were made of glass and all the hardware was made of the highest quality wood and plating. These cameras were extravagant in design and construction. At this time, they were still made from wood, but were a little easier to carry.

By the 1950s, cameras were no longer made from wood, but metal. They could now be held in your hand and transported easily. It also had the capability to snap photos, zoom, and incorporate a flash without holding the light. The revival of the camera was a completely new object in the 1950s.

In 2011, cameras can be as large as the 1950s camera above such as professional Canon cameras, or they can be as small as your palm. This teeny tiny camera is 2.5x2.3x2.5 cm all with recording and picture taking abilities. The camera has done a complete 360 turn from its beginning. Its reformation has caused a change for the better. We can capture so many moments in history because of the revolution of the camera. Who would have ever tho
ught that the original large box called a camera could be reduced to such a small size and TRIPLE its capabilities in a little less than 200 years?!?! Time can only tell what it will be in 50 more years.

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