Monday, January 31, 2011

RR 3 Trade and influence among the Greeks and Egyptians

The Greek and Egyptian designs were very different, but in the mid 6th c. BCE the Greek architecture began to look similar to the Egyptian style. Trade among the nations begins here.

Wood was no longer being used for temple design in Greece.
The interaction of these 2 countries was most likely rubbing off on the Greeks. The Egyptians had been using stone for awhile.

Trade began to take precedence among Greece and Egypt. The
Greeks offered Egypt silver, pottery, and decorations to be sold in the markets; the Egyptians traded back with grain.
The Doric column design is said to have been constructed while the relationship between Egypt and Greek was forming. The Greeks had used stone before, but never to carve with. The Egyptian temples were highly stylized, so they probably taught the Greeks the art of stone carving.

The pictures below showcase the influence of Egyptian architecture with that of the Greek columns. The first shows a peak at the top of this building supported by the Greek columns. The peak at the top goes into the shape of a pyramid. The second photo shows a Greek temple with Egyptian pyramids in the backdrop. The third is simply the Doric order.

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  1. one annotation works in a general sort of way, but you could do more to explain your images in light of your position about trade and influence. good start on your prose, but this could be more analytical and less descriptive.