Monday, January 17, 2011

Ritual Centers

Nabta Playa>>>>>

**Purpose-the purpose of Nabta Playa was to structure time around the seasons. It has been compared to the famous Stonehenge but on a much smaller scale.

**Dimensions-Nabta Playa has been estimated to be 4 meters in diameter. The structure of the site is made up of stones arranged north-south and the other set is arranged northeast-southwest. As seen on the picture on the right, the stones are slender, standing straight up, and arranged in a circlular shape.

**Habitation-Numerous animal carcases have been found on Nabta Playa. From this discovery, researchers have concluded that cattle-raising must have been a large form of making money back in 6000 BCE. Priests, along with their families, have also been said to live here. This was a common place for nomadic groups to live.

Gobekli Tepe, Turkey>>>>>

**Purpose-The purpose of Gobekli Tepe was to serve as a temple. When the settlers of this site left, they covered the temples with rock and soil burying it to leave no trace of anything

**Dimensions-Also composed of a circular structure, Gobekli Tepe is made up of monolithic pillars of limestone estimating to be 3 meters high. These pillars have meticulous carvings of various animals, showing the inhabitants eye for detail.

Both are ritual centers that served a specific purpose at that time. What is interesting is that both are structured in the form of a circle.

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