Sunday, February 6, 2011

BP4 Commodity, firmness and delight...all in one

~*The space I feel signifies our campus the best is in the middle of College Avenue. You have 4 different directions when standing in the middle of College Avenue: School of Education, Jackson Library, Music Building, and Stone Building. Each of these buildings has significant meaning to UNCG, which is ironic that they are all within eyesight of this certain standing spot on College Avenue.

>>UNCG is all about diversity, inspiration, and opportunity. When you first get to college, you have to step outside your comfort zone to experience all the new things life has to offer. If you don't you will miss it all. As I was standing in that circle on College Avenue, these thoughts came to my mind. That circle symbolizes a safety zone. When you are inside it, you are safe from everything that could harm you. You take a step out of it, you put yourself at risk for change to occur...good or bad. In life, there are many options to take. Just as in that circle, there are 4 different directions to take.

++In this exact spot, not much color exists. Surrounding this area though color, nature, and life exist to the fullest. In the middle of College Avenue, there are trees and animal life. The structures that flood this walk way all bring you back to this one central location....a lone circle. Words can't put into action the thoughts that come to mind when standing here. Serenity is present in this circle as well. All these intangible feelings are present in this simple geometric shape. I think that's what UNCG is all about though. When you walk away from your time here on this university, I don't think many of a student's greatest memories are of tangible things...but the things you can't put your finger on. That's why this spot represents the university and what it represents.

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